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Linda Gosselin

Award Winning Longarm Quilter, Designer, Teacher

Welcome!  Here at The Quilters Helpdesk, we offer longarm quilting, digital design services AND VIRTUAL classes.

Check out our store, where you can find digital quilting designs available in formats for all computerized quilting systems.

NEW: Check out the new virtual classes and book online!

“Pro-Stitcher Designer: Master the Repeat”

Have you heard longarmers say “my machine doesn’t like to stitch right to left.” You can do it and this class will show you how using Pro-Stitcher Designer! Have you wondered how to create repeatable rows that stitch left to right and right to left without jumps? No more babysitting the “Long Jump Pause” every 2-4” for those designs that stitch out only a few inches in height. Maximize your throat space and minimize the number of times you need to advance the quilt sandwich! Become a more efficient quilter!  Coupon code for a free design included with this class.


“Pro-Stitcher Designer: Essentials”

PSD includes many designs.  I’ll show you how to create new ones using snippets from the originals…and basic tools in PSD…not to sell or call your own, but to compliment your quilting!  I’ll go over the basics of where things are, how the drawing and editing tools work.  You’ll see how easy it is to create complimentary design sets using the Carousel and Reflect tools.  It’s a lecture/demo class, so you only need to watch and take notes.


Sewing Machine

How to prepare your quilt top for the longarmer!  

Tips coming soon...


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